Yeelight Introduce 5 Metre Tunable White Light Strip

Yeelight, the company that recently brought the Mi Desk Lamp Pro and Mi Bedside Lamp 2 to HomeKit, has unveiled a new light strip that challenges the current standards for light strips in the market. First of all, whilst nearly all light strips on the market are of the 16-million colour variety and generally tend to be for mood lighting, Yeelight has decided to go with a tunable white light strip, that gives the spectrum of warm to cool whites, so something more suited for general lighting.

The light strip also drops the current 2-metre standard length we tend to see, and has bumped the minimum length up to 5-metres, with the ability to extend the strip by an astonishing 30 metres! The light strip gives off a respectable 500lm per metre, so 2,500lm total for the basic strip. The colour temperature range is from 2700K – 6500K and also uses the same anti-stroboscopic technology that is deployed in their lamps, that ensures the lighting doesn’t strobe, which is kind on the eyes.

What’s also interesting is that this light strip will also work with a product that Yeelight introduced quite a while ago, but haven’t really promoted a lot, namely the Yeelight Rotary Dimmer switch, which is available both in wireless and wired versions. When this switch came out late last year, there was no real mention of it, probably due to the fact that it could only work with a handful of Yeelight ceiling lights. The new light strip is designed to work with the rotary dimmer switch, which uses Bluetooth for connection. This strip will also be compatible with the Yeelight Bluetooth Remote which generally gets bundled with their range of ceiling lights, although it can be purchased separately.

Currently, this strip as with all Yeelight branded products, are not HomeKit compatible, although, as we reported last month, many Yeelight products will be getting firmware updates to bring HomeKit compatibility, so there’s every chance this will join them. As it stands, all Yeelight products are still compatible with Siri Shortcuts, so not all is lost, and if you’re a user of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, their products are already compatible with these systems. The strip will work with either the Yeelight App or the Mi Home app as standard.

The new light strip is available to order now via GearBest, with international shipping commencing towards the end of the month.

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4 thoughts on “Yeelight Introduce 5 Metre Tunable White Light Strip

  • 400lm/m according to yeelight faq. no homekit support expected, but maybe it will change someday.

    • It says 500lm first then 400lm after on the GearBest page, so it could be 500lm for cool white and 400lm for warm white.

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