Avia to Bring Their Smart Lock to the US in September

Avia, the sub-brand of Mighton, who’ve been causing a bit of a stir amongst HomeKit users in the UK with their Secure Smart Lock, are planning on extending their customer base to include the US, with a proposed launch of said smart lock for September of this year.

Avia have teamed up with US distributor Roto North America in order to facilitate distribution across the United States. Roto, according to their Twitter profile, “…Creates superior customer value as a leading supplier of North American and European window and door hardware”.

note the mention of them specialising in “European window and door hardware”, as for the most part, the US tends to use deadbolts as the main type of smart lock, which whilst reliable, are usually seen to not afford as much protection as European style multipoint locks. The Avia Secure Smart Lock is one such device, with many features you’d only expect to see on more expensive locks, designed for commercial protection. Some of these features include;

  • Handle snapping
    Steel reinforcement  technology within the backplate provides jemmy resistance. In addition, chamfered backplate shoulders provide anti-grip protection.
  • Cylinder Snapping
    An integrated cylinder guard, which is visible within the raised backplate design, encases the cylinder to protect it from attack.
  • Cyinder de-plugging
    An integral anti-plug disc, captive within the backplate, locates directly over the cylinder face to shield it from attack.
  • Cylinder drilling
    An anti-drill disc spins if attacked with a drill, preventing the drill bit from penetrating the cylinder

In the UK, the lock comes with an etched logo to show that this type of lock conforms to the ‘Police Preferred Specification’, athough whether this will feature a US equivalent etched logo by local or regional police authorities in the US, remains to be seen. Check out the promo video below for an overview of this lock, or visit for more information.

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