Crestron TSR-310 Smart Remote

Elegant, ergonomic design. Epic functionality.
The amazing TSR-310 is a Crestron handheld remote reimagined. It combines all the best elements of our previous generation with even more advanced functionality and superb ergonomic design, incredible button feel, voice control, custom engravable buttons, profiles settings, and much more.

Precision crafted. Perfectly weighted.
Crestron handheld remotes bring control to a luxurious new level. Ruggedized for durability and wrapped in a satiny smooth, easy-grip housing, they deliver exceptional comfort and ergonomics for hours of use.

The Crestron Performance UI experience
Designed exclusively for the TSR-310, the brand-new Crestron Performance UI delivers a user experience unlike anything seen before in a handheld remote. It transforms and elevates standard UI actions with smooth, stunning transitions, animations, and icons.

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