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HomeKit Hotel: Take You Smart Home on The Road

Sometimes in life we do things just because we can. In this video we’ll go through a quick tour of an Apple HomeKit hotel using (mostly) all bluetooth accessories. I definitely don’t travel like this all the time, but once in a while it’s just fun to try something crazy, like seeing how much of the smarthome experience you can bring with you while you’re far away from home.

Bluetooth accessories often get a bad reputation for being slow to respond or for losing connectivity, but in certain settings, bluetooth just makes life SOOOO much easier. One of the main advantages of having using bluetooth accessories when retrofitting your dumb hotel room with smart products is the fact that you don’t have to deal with captive portal wireless in the hotel.

With your iPad acting as your HomeHub, you have everything you need to take your automations with you and make your stay away from home just a little more comfortable.

If you’re interested in adding some new devices to your smarthome, please consider using my shop as a starting point as it really does help to support me in continuing to create new content.

Products used in this video: