Belkin to Release HomeKit Enabled Smart Water Assistant [UPDATE]

Belkin’s PR team has contacted us with an update regarding the status of HomeKit in relation to this product, with the statement below;

The Phyn Smart Water Assistant will not be supporting HomeKit at launch. We realize it was mentioned in the press kit spec sheet, and that was big oversight on our part. We’ve since updated and reached out to other media outlets. HomeKit is certainly on the roadmap and will definitely let you know once we have more definitive timing. We don’t want to confuse any readers with thinking the product will have it at launch.

So whilst this is less than ideal news, the fact that they state that HomeKit is ‘on the roadmap’ is at least something. Regardless, this is something that could be of use, even if you don’t use any smart devices, and could save untold amounts of damage.

Belkin is set to release the Phyn Smart Water Assistant, with HomeKit compatibility*. If you’re not sure what this is, last year the company (who also own the WeMo line of smart products) released a product called the Phyn Plus System which is able to detect water usage, which devices were using water at any time, and would be able to detect the onset of frozen pipes, or leaks, and notify you accordingly.

As first reported by, the current ‘System’ is relatively expensive, however, and requires a qualified plumber to fit the system. With the new version, not only is the price down from around $850 to just $299, it can be fitted by yourself.

Whilst this new device can’t actually stop leaks the moment they occur, you will get notifications of both current and pending issues, so it will constantly measure the pressure of your pipes, and will learn how you use your water, and even recognise specific devices when they use water due to their unique ‘signatures’.

Belkin says that the Phyn Smart Assistant will be released in late September and will be compatible with all the three main smart home systems* in addition to IFTTT.

* See statement at the start of the article.

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