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Alarm System Automations With The Aqara Hub

I am using the Aqara Hub as my HomeKit Security System and today we are going to customize it and set up some automations so that it does even more! We will set up three new automations:

2:22 Automation #1: INTRUDER ALERT!

  • Turn on ALL the house lights to 100% when the alarm is triggered in HomeKit

3:40 Automation #2: AWAY MODE

  • Set a 60 second delay that gives us time to exit the house before the alarm is set and automation begins
  • Set alarm to sound continuously when triggered
  • Lock the door
  • Shut the garage
  • Turn off all the lights inside


  • Automatically DISARM the security system when the garage door is opened upon arrival

4 thoughts on “Alarm System Automations With The Aqara Hub

  • I have installed three aqara hubs and a (high) number of sensors at my place. currently using the set-up as security system too.
    however, I could not figure out this one yet…
    since everything is fully depending on power and internet connection is there anyway to get, at least, a notification if power and/or internet goes off?
    otherwise, simply by cutting the power of the house, the entire system becomes useless.
    at least getting a notification (are they sent from the Aqara/Xiaomi cloud right? not directly from the hubs I assume) of the network been out of power/connection would help me understand when the home is protected and when it is not…
    any device (e.g. a smart plug) I could use for the same purpose?

    • I’m also looking for a similar solution. We have many power cuts.

    • Why not connect the hub and your router to a UPS?

  • A Logitech Circle 2 camera will send you such a notification. So if it gets disconected you will know it.

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