Mijia Release Detailed Images of New HomeKit Hub and Light Sensor

Mijia (or Mi) have issued a series of images for their forthcoming updated hub that will also be HomeKit compatible, along with images of their new light sensor, which we also presume will be exposed to HomeKit via the hub. We first reported on this new hub back in May, which also coincided with the new M2 Aqara hub surfacing inside hidden sections of the Aqara app. Both the hubs are made by Lumi, so in many respects, they’ll have much the same specifications.

Whilst you can’t see it in these pictures, the hub does come with a HomeKit QR code on the base which confirms that this hub will be HomeKit compatible.

The Mi hub also acts as a Bluetooth gateway, and it would also seem that this also has a Bluetooth Mesh gateway too, based on what a few ofthe testers have been saying, like the Bluetooth mesh type that Yeelight is planning on releasing. However, it does allow you to connect any of the Bluetooth based sensors, like the new ClearGrass temperature and humidity sensors, and the plant monitors.

Mijia issued approximately 100 of these packages, containing both the hub and the light sensor, so we’re expecting that these testers will have them for around a month before having to report back on any issues or bugs before they get released to the general public for sale, which will, of course, will be initially Mainland China first.

Thanks to Sebastian G for the tip-off

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13 thoughts on “Mijia Release Detailed Images of New HomeKit Hub and Light Sensor

  • Any info yet on whether this will also have an alarm/security system function?

    • It looks different to images I’ve seen of the base of the Aqara M2, which seems to have speaker vents on the base. This hub doesn’t have anything like that, so I suspect this won’t have a built in speaker/alarm.

      • I would say it is good and not good about that build in speaker alarm.

        Bad is because we have to buy separate device – good it is speaker I HOPE could be bigger – lauder and… placed ANYWHERE outside building to be TRUE ALARM

  • Really think they should add a speaker that can play loud. For security the current one is not good anyways.

    • They may well introduce a separate speaker/alarm. Aqara was working on such a product before.

  • Is it compatible with aqara devices?

    • It should be yes.

  • Whats the difference between this and the upcoming aqara m2 hub?

    • There aren’t a lot of differences to be honest. They both use Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Mesh, and will work with the same set of child sensors and switches. The main differences, apart from branding (Mi vs. Aqara) is that the Aqara M2 has a speaker and Ethernet port, whereas the Mi hub doesn’t have either.

  • what about Apple Homekit compatibilities?

    • It should work in the same way that the current Aqara hub works, so it will act as a gateway/bridge to HomeKit for Aqara and Mi sensors and switches. The hub comes with a HomeKit code on the base, so it’s definitely going to be HomeKot compatible.

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