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GE Smart Dimmer Switch

The C by GE Smart Switch-Dimmer adds smart bulb functionality to traditional bulbs and keeps smart bulbs smart. The smart Wi-Fi switch works as dimmer switch while enhancing the traditional bulb functionality to include out-of-home control, scheduling and scene setting. When C by GE Smart Bulbs are installed, the smart switch allows app or voice control even when power is turned off at the switch. Pair the Smart Switch with C by GE Smart Bulbs in other fixtures like table lamps and control your all your lights in the room from one wall switch. C by GE Smart Switch wirelessly connects with other C by GE Smart Switches so you can control the same light fixture from multiple switches without a travel wire, even if the switches are on different circuits. Simple DIY set up. The Smart Switch connects directly with Google Home and Alexa devices without a hub required. Neutral wire–usually a white or gray wire–is required.

  • A SWITCH FOR EVERYBODY IN THE HOUSE: Control your lights by touch along with enhanced app functionality and voice control when paired with a voice assistant
  • MAKES TRADITIONAL BULBS SMART: Turn ordinary bulbs into smart bulbs with enhanced functionality like out of home control, scheduling and scene setting
  • SMART BULBS ARE ALWAYS CONNECTED AND READY TO RESPOND: The Smart Switch maintains voice and app control at all times, so your C by GE Smart Bulbs will respond to voice commands and provide out of home control even when the wall switch is turned off
  • SET THE BRIGHTNESS LEVEL TO MATCH YOUR MOOD OR TASK: Dim and brighten traditional lights using touch or app and add voice control when paired with a voice assistant
  • SCHEDULE YOUR LIGHTS AROUND YOUR DAILY ROUTINE: Create schedules that turn your lights on when you are away from home and turn your lights off when you go to bed

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