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Aqara B1 Curtain Controller

Sometimes life improvements are just a little change. What can the Aqara B1 Smart Curtain Motor bring? When you don’t want to move and want to open the curtains to the sun, it lets the sun shine into the room. When you are ready to sleep, but you find that the curtains are not closed, it helps you to close the world outside… Naturally, for you Organise a comfortable life.

On the morning of the working day, the curtains are regularly opened, and the sun wakes up for a new day; before going to bed at night, the curtains are closed regularly, and you can sleep quietly. Every time you are lucky, you can make your life more comfortable. Home within reach of a wireless switch, the touch of a button, you can adjust the curtains opening and closing, the natural ease of use, to enjoy a weekend stay in bed, happy moments of a better partner for you.

Gently press the curtain to open and close smoothly
The wireless switch at your fingertips can control the opening and closing of the curtains with a single touch, making it easy to use, making you a beautiful partner to enjoy the weekend and happy moments.

Hand start
The motor can automatically open and close the curtains with a single pull.

Custom opening and closing ratio
Customize the opening and closing percentage of the curtains through the mobile phone app, and set various modes such as viewing and reading. You can also use different smart devices to control different opening degrees with different actions.

Slow start
The curtain motor slows down when it is just started or will stop. On the one hand, the whole opening and closing processes are elegant and smooth, on the other hand, the motor is effectively protected and the service life is prolonged.

Free wiring and socket-free installation is more convenient
Upgrade to increase the power supply function of the lithium battery, even if there is no reserved socket at the window, it can be installed and used, and the curtain can be easily be made intelligent.

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