Xiaoyan/Terncy Smart Dial

The Terncy Smart Dial is a small but powerful control terminal. You can easily control your smart curtains, change the colour temperature or brightness of your smart lights, adjust the volume on your smart amplifier and control the state of any other switches with just one Smart Dial, allowing you to enjoy your smart home life naturally.

Works with Apple HomeKit via the Terncy Home Center hub. The Smart Dial uses the Zigbee 3.0 protocol, uses a CR2032 battery for power, and also comes with a magnetic base that sticks to the wall with an adhesive back. The magnetic base allows the Smart Dial to stick to the base wherever you place the base – on the door of your fridge, next to another light switch on the wall, even on the underside of your table, if you wish.

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4 thoughts on “Xiaoyan/Terncy Smart Dial

  • I can’t think of any but these two smart rotary dials on the market today, compatible with HomeKit:
    – this one by Terncy
    – the Aurora dial by Lutron (more compact but only brightness dimming for Philips Hue)

    Are you aware of any other smart dial for HomeKit lights, available or announced?

    • Hi,
      The aurora isn’t HomeKit compatible as such, only by association with the HomeKit compatible Hue lights is it able to control HomeKit lighting (Hue bulbs), so this Terncy switch may be the only one at present. It’s important to note that HomeKit doesn’t actually support Rotary switches at this time, so any rotary controls would only be programmable within the Terncy app. However, this switch does still work in HomeKit, but as a standard button, with (as far as I’m aware) single,double, and long presses. It’s also possible that the forthcoming Hue Button may be able to control Hue lights on a rotary fashion in a future update, but not as it stands.

      • OK. Does that mean that one can control brightness (or say color) of HomeKit-compatible smart bulbs from other brands (not from Terncy, e.g. recent LiFX lights) with this Terncy dial using programmation? Or just Terncy lights?

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