New Vocolinc PureFlow Air Purifier Coming Soon

Vocolinc, the company behind the massively popular Flowerbud Diffuser and the just-released VP2 Smart Power Strip are planning to extend their product portfolio into another area, with the imminent release of the PureFlow Air Purifier.

Also known as the VAP1 (Vocolinc Air Purifier 1 we’re guessing…) the device will apparently come in two ‘colours’ – black with a grey top, or white with a grey top, and has a very large LED display, that seems to show not only the PM2.5 count but also the temperature, humidity level, as well as the fan speed.

Below the LED display appears to be a colour LED strip light that would presumably be used to indicate air quality levels, with green being the cleanest and blue or purple being used to indicate very poor air quality, along with orange and red in between.

The top of the VAP1 features one main button on the top which would be for power, and in the first picture, it appears to be illuminated. Around the edge of the circular fan outlet vent are icons and indicators for various functions, which we’ll take a guess at (from R to L);

  • Child Lock
  • timers/schedules
  • filter status (?)
  • wifi connection
  • night mode
  • fans speed
  • temperature
  • auto mode

As for specifications, we simply don’t have any at present, although we’ve heard that it will use a disposable filter, although apparently one of higher quality to remove far more than standard filters. Likewise, with regards to pricing, there’s nothing to report as of yet, although at present there’s very little in the way of competition for a HomeKit compatible air purifier, so at the right price, this could be a very popular product.

As soon as we hear more about this upcoming product, we’ll let you know.

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