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Using Home Assistant With Ikea Smart Blinds for HomeKit

IKEA recently released their Fyrfur smart blinds in Canada, and we were a little disappointed to see that they aren’t supporting Apple HomeKit at release. For those of us who aren’t patient enough for IKEA to add support, there’s another great option, which is using the Home Assistant project to connect the blinds directly to Apple HomeKit, so we can cobble our blinds into our HomeKit based automations while we wait for IKEA and Apple to sort out their business.

In this video, we’re going to assume that you’ve already got Home Assistant already up and running and that you’ve already configured the HomeKit component, as well as discovered it from your Apple HomeKit setup. (see the links below if you need a little help doing that).

Setting up Home Assistant with Homekit –

IKEA Smart Blinds review –

HassIO Homekit Filter Documentation –…

Assuming you’ve already connected the IKEA Tradfri Home Smart bridge to your Homekit home, we’ll also quickly cover how to filter out the undesired devices from the HomeKit Component, to make sure you don’t have 2 copies of every IKEA light and plug polluting your house. This isn’t a long term solution and I’m really looking forward to IKEA getting the software updated and certified to expose the Blinds directly, but it’s a great world where we can quickly fill in product gaps using something like Home Assistant to feed our automation needs whilst we wait.

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  • You should do this article for homebridge as well.
    The ikea blinds are much less impressive than Omnia, which feels more solid and expensive than ikea.

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