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Aqara N100 Smart Lock

The Aqara N100 Smart Lock; compatible with Mijia (Mi Home) and Apple HomeKit.

  • fingerprint unlock
  • Passcode unlock
  • NFC unlock
  • HomeKit unlock (voice or app control)
  • Bluetooth near-field unlock
  • Key unlock
  • Temporary password


  • product name: Aqara smart door lock N100
  • Product Size: 380.9*76.9*25mm (panel size)
  • Product Weight: 4.2kg
  • Power supply: 8 AA batteries (6V), Type-C emergency power supply (5V)
  • Door lock prompt language: Chinese, English
  • Wireless connections: Bluetooth 5.0
  • CMIITID: 2019DP10249
  • Product safety level: Class B
  • Lock core specifications: Standard configuration (suitable for 40-80mm door thickness)
  • Cylinder security level: Class C
  • Working humidity: 0~93% RH, no condensation
  • Operating temperature: -25°C~+70°C
  • User capacity: 50 fingerprints, 50 permanent passwords, 25 NFC devices, 25 periodic passwords, 8 one-time passwords
  • Executive standard: Q/QLML022, GA 374-2019, GA/T 73-2015, GB 21556-2008, CEPREI-QM/JG002-2019

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5 thoughts on “Aqara N100 Smart Lock

  • The N100 lock is available on Gearbest since yesterday (Global launch). I ordered mine immediately.
    I hope it gets here soon… 😉

    • Great. Let us know how it works out. Curious to know if it fits EU style locks without too much trouble.

  • I’ve got this fitted to my door. Everything is great minus the HomeKit . I can’t seem to connect / detect it at all .

    • Hi, you might be better off contacting Aqara Support, but one colleague had told me that when you install the lock, you have to add it to HomeKit within two hours otherwise you won’t be able to connect it. You will have to remove the batteries and try again. You can’t install remotely either, as it only connects to HomeKit via Bluetooth and you will initially have to connect via your phone.

    • Hi Neit,
      My N100 works perfectly with HomeKit. I just scanned the HomeKit QR code on the lock and it coupled after a few seconds.
      Before HomeKit, I added the lock within the xiaomi app (or the Mi Home App as it was named before).
      Since it connects thru Bluetooth, you have to be within range off course…

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