M-Elec Introduce ‘Stitchy’ HomeKit Range

Australian-based M-Elec have been around since 2006, and have been supplying products like dimmable downlights, light strips and other lighting products since this time, culminating in a Good Design Award in 2015. Now the company are moving into the Smart Home realm with their ‘Stitchy’ line of products.

This lineup initially centres around their Stitchy Switch; a relay controller, that sits inside the recess behind your wall switches to give regular light switches smart functionality. As with many smart home devices these days, it promises compatibility with the big three providers – Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

In addition to the ‘stitchy’ relay, the company are working on a dimmer version, in addition to one-channel and five-channel strip controllers.

What’s interesting about all of these products is that they use ZigBee for their method of communication but unlike companies like Aqara, for example, don’t provide their own hub, instead relying on the Philips Hue Bridge as the central hub. In fact, the company even offer starter packs that include a couple of relays in addition to the Hue Bridge, with a Hue motion sensor, also added in the B and C starter packs.

This, in essence, would make them akin to ‘Friends of Hue’ products, although the company don’t describe them as such. The company also point out that there’s no accompanying app required for their products, which would probably indicate the Hue app is the preferred initial app for control, which would then expose them to HomeKit thereafter.

The company are also working on more interesting products, including a neutral-free version of their module, a fan controller, plate dimmer, in addition to garage and blind controllers. You can check out the video below to learn about more of these forthcoming devices

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Credit to Tim Kelly from the Apple HomeKit Users Group on Facebook for finding this.

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18 thoughts on “M-Elec Introduce ‘Stitchy’ HomeKit Range

  • I’d be interested in this, but am in Europe. Wonder if it’ll become available here.

    • Hey Jeroen, starting in the UK early next year so EU would be thereafter unless we connect with the right distributor

      • Hi Tim, thanks, looking forward to it. From a technical perspective, a UK version should work in mainland Europe, correct? In that case, I may order from the UK once available.

        For distributors, perhaps you could consider the likes of (for The Netherlands but ships abroad), or or have a slightly larger footprint (adding Belgium, Germany). I don’t have any affiliation with them, except that I’ve bought gear there and have proven to be solid. Of course Amazon works too.

        • Perfect, thanks for the information Jeroen!

  • If it’s Zigbee then the wireless frequency will be a global standard meaning it will be compatible with Europe (and the US). Australia also uses the same voltage levels as Europe. Therefore from a technical point of view it will be compatible with Europe.

    It seems that even though Stitchy are Australian they have wisely designed their products to support US and EU/AUS voltages. What a shame so many US companies are not as enlightened.

    This therefore looks like it might be the holy grail I have been seeking in terms of smart lighting.

    Whilst there are plenty of wired smart lighting solutions in the US even with HomeKit support led by the excellent Lutron Caseta there is very, very little in Europe and what little there is usually has big flaws. Lutron stubbornly refuse to do a version for Europe. 🙁

    My current hope had been Insteon micro modules with the new – yet to ship Hub which would re-introduce HomeKit support. Unfortunately there are some disturbing indications that the new hub may only be released in the US.

    If these Stitchy products do indeed show up in HomeKit via the Philips Hue hub then they could be a solution to my quest. I do see however that they don’t support momentary wired switches (yet) so it is not clear how they are able to support wired switches properly. All the other micro module type solutions like Z-Wave e.g. Fibaro & Aeotec and proprietary like Insteon use momentary switches.

    (It is possible to connect generic Zigbee products to the Philips Hue but these do not get exposed to HomeKit, only approved products show up to HomeKit, I believe all ‘Friends of Hue’ products fall in to this category.)

    Please can someone test one of these as soon as possible.

    • Good points. Hope they get it certified for use in Europe and find resellers here soon! I’d be replacing Fibaro Homekit in-wall units, that use Bluetooth. They’re slow to respond and sometimes miss command entirely, whereas my Hue lamps always switch immediately.

    • Good questions John- We have a order in version for momentary switches if you prefer. They work perfectly with standard wired switches as we wanted to use Stitchy on retro-fits.

      We are currently building our international websites but happy to discuss more if you email me

  • Are there any concerns that Hue might decide some players aren’t ‘friends of hue’ in the future—disabling functionality? Has it happened to any other manufacturer?

    • Hey Dean, personally I haven’t seen this happen previously and by coupling with the Hue we hoped it would allow us to focus on applying to all voice platforms rather then building more bridges!

  • I wonder if the Stitchy ‘Dim’ could be used in a 3-way switch application to give you automated control over a bunch of “dumb led lights controlled by a bunch of 3 way switches. For example I have a long windy hallway that has 3 times 3-way switched and at least 8 lights. I have ahue hub in my home. Could I add a Stitchy ‘Dim’ into the existing setup to give me access to automated functions? For example could I add one Stitchy ‘Dim’ to give me the ability to add a homekit motion activated automation?

    • This is exactly what I would like to do !
      Anyway, if these eventually ship to EU…

    • Hey Don, Stitchy ‘Dim’ will work on multi-way switches easily as long as you have the right cables at the switch. You can also trigger routines based off if Stitchy gets turned on/off which I believe answers your second question.

      Our neutral free version is under test as we speak incase you have limited cables.

  • I asked this via your website a few weeks ago, but got zero reply… so I’ll try here. Will this work with Siri? I’ve tried other Zigbee units that integrate with Hue, and everything works except for Siri voice control… if these don’t have that limitation then sign me up.

    • Sorry I don’t know why that would have been. Yes is the answer about Siri!

      • Thanks Tim!

        • I’ve passed this info on to a HomeKit FB page I’m part of FYI

        • Tim, I tried to purchase a Stichy from L&H in Sydney CBD. They’d never heard of it… do you know who stocks it?

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