EufyCam 2 Bundle Shipping on Amazon November 19

The long-anticipated EufyCam 2 system is due to be available for sale on (and other outlets, we assume) on November 19th. Priced at $349.99 for the two camera system, including base unit, this is EufyCams first foray into HomeKit and gives you a lot for the price, including 100% wire-free cameras, with batteries that the company claims will last up to 365 days. Built-in AI technology identifies and focuses in on the human in the image that also includes Human Detection functionality to reduce false alerts, which differentiates humans from objects.

It’s also IP67 rated for outdoor use and has built-in night vision. Activity Zones allow you to customise the area in which detection takes place. Two-way audio, so you can talk and hear whoever is visible on camera. The base also has a Repeater Mode function, that allows the HomeBase to act as a Wi-Fi repeater, boosting the signal to the cameras, thereby extending the coverage area of your Wi-Fi network.

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  • Hmm why still 1080p… for a new home camera in 2018 -.-; or 2019.

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