Satechi EU Dual Outlet Now Available on

US-based company Satechi, who released a well-received Dual Smart Outlet for the North American market earlier this year, has now made the EU version of this device for European customers via, with an available for preorder, with release date listed as November 22nd and priced at €59.99.

As you can guess by the name of the product, it’s essentially a dual outlet smart plug designed for European usage. It works exclusively with HomeKit, so if you were hoping to get it working with your Google Home Mini or Echo Dot, you’re out of luck. The dual outlet also comes with energy monitoring via their own app.

Whilst some will find it useful to be able to have dual smart outlets taking up only on wall socket without blocking a second one, for the same price you could double the number of outlets with the recently released Vocolinc VP2 Smart Power Strip (read our review HERE), which also is capable of not blocking any outlet adjacent to the one it’s plugged into.

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