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Recycle NFC Tags For Use in Shortcuts

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Although the new passive NFC reading in iOS13 only works with the latest iPhones ( iPhone Xr/Xs/11) this is one of the features that really opens up a ton of possibilities for those of us who have chosen to use Homekit as our SmartHome automation engine of choice.

Although you can definitely buy your NFC tags new, it’s entirely possible that you already have everything you need just hanging around. In this video, I’ll show you how to use an old conference badge, ID card, or even a Concert wrist band to as the passive NFC trigger that will allow you to really bring your objects to life.

We’ll make a painting (Artist Michelle Doyle) come to life with custom lights as well as fill the room with appropriate music using the Homekit’s new ability to play specific tracks from your Apple Music library.

Hope you enjoy it!