Onvis Door Sensor and Alarm Available on Amazon

Onvis, the Chinese company responsible for the SMS1 Motion sensor, recently unveiled a series of devices at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. Now, one of those products has been released and is available for pre-order from

The new product, referred to as the Onvis Security Alarm Contact Sensor, is essentially a door/window sensor with a built-in alarm. It works with Apple HomeKit, as expected, and utilised all four of the different alarm modes supported by HomeKit – Stay, Away, Night and Off.

The sensor part of the device uses a standard magnet to trigger the sensor, with the main body of the device housing the alarm, which can reach a volume of 120Db, although the alarm can be set to High, Medium or Low.

The alarm can also simply act as a chime, to let you know when someone has arrived home, and can even be used to remind you to close the door, via automations.

As with the company’s SMS1, the Burglar Alarm also contains humidity and temperature sensors, so in that respect, it’s a great all in one device.

In terms of connectivity, it uses Bluetooth 5.0 and uses 2 x AAA batteries. The Burglar Alarm is available for pre-order now from for $33.99, being ready to ship on November 25th.

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