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Kaiterra Laser Egg+ Co2

Letting you all know I did receive this Kaiterra Laser Egg+ Co2 as a review unit from Kaiterra. The opinion is still totally my own but wanted to make sure you knew in case you think that affects my opinion. I was not paid for the review and thoughts and comments are my own.

The Kaiterra Laser Egg+ Co2 is the latest edition in the Kaiterra Laser Egg family. For those of you not familiar with Kaiterra; they launched the first HomeKit compatible AQI sensor with a particulate matter sensor almost 3 years ago and have continued to iterate on the success of the original Kaiterra Laser Egg since. There are now three different versions of the Kaiterra Laser Egg which you can choose from to deal with your specific Air Quality concerns.

The original Kaiterra Laser Egg with PM2.5 sensor is perfect for a kitchen or garage where you’re concerned about dust or cooking particles which can both have a fairly nasty effect on your lungs.

In addition to the PM2.5 sensor, the Kaiterra Laser Egg+ VoC includes a Volatile Organic Compound sensor which makes it perfect for those rooms where you are concerned that you may have issues with airborne chemicals such as benzene or formaldehyde affecting your families health.

Similar to its VOC sibling, The Kaiterra Laser Egg+ Co2 has all the goodness of the original Laser Egg+ with the addition of a Carbon Dioxide sensor which makes it well suited to home offices where co2 can sneak up on you and affect your cognitive performance.

The Kaiterra LE2+ Co2 is a great addition to your Apple Homekit home and can be used with applications such as the Eve Home app, Home 4+, or Controller for Homekit to create advanced AQI based automations to turn on a fan or humidifier when the air gets out of your comfort area. If you’re not into automating everything, the LE2+Co2 can still send you a notification to remind you to open window.

In addition to the great Apple HomeKit support, Kaiterra has also provided us with an IFTTT skill which can be used to tie into any other IFTTT service as well as their own web dashboard.

The Kaiterra web dashboard is one to watch as they have been slowly but steadily improving the dashboard since it’s launch and recently gave us a full Kiosk mode which can be used to display your AQI data for up to 6 Kaiterra Sensors within your typical Internet Browser.

For anyone concerned about the quality of the air going into their lungs, the Kaiterra Laser Egg+ Co2 is a great option and the ability to use it to trigger your Homekit scenes to turn on fans, open windows, power on/off plugs with humidifiers etc… makes it an easy recommendation for your homekit home.

3 thoughts on “Kaiterra Laser Egg+ Co2

  • Hi Chris,

    I’ve read your today’s post regarding Kaiterra. I bought Laser Egg II + VOC myself two weeks ago and have some remarks:
    1. Calling Kaiterra device Homekit compatible is deceiving. I don’t see neither PM .5 nor VOC in Homekit. To make it worse I even don’t see numerical values of AQI.
    2. It is humming. They either use low quality motor or poorly designed fan. It is the loudest thing in my room. If it is on my desk I can’t bear this noise. If it is behind then I can’t read the display.
    3. Buggy software. I usually properly see Kaiterra in Homekit but several times a day it’s status changes to No Response even when I still can reach the device using Kaiterra’s app.
    4. More general remark:
    a. would like to have a true homekit device that shows all what it measures
    b. would like to have a device that measures at least PM2.5, VOC (also HCHO if possible) and CO2

    • I’ve only got the Laser Egg 2 (now simply called the Laser Egg), but this shows the AQI on the tile, as well as temperature and humidity tiles. If you go into the settings, it will show the PM2.5 measurements – Air particulate Density, Air Particulate Size, Air Quality (as seen on the tile) and pm2.5 density.

      • Hi Simon,

        re: Kaiterre Laser Egg II + Chemical (VOC)

        I wrote: ” I don’t see neither PM 2.5 nor VOC in HOMEKIT.
        To make it worse I even don’t see numerical values of AQI.”

        What I see in Home app (HOMEKIT) is ONLY
        – temperature
        – humidity and
        – AQI (with no numerical values, only descriptive ones)

        It means no automation is possible that is based on VOC and/or PM2.5

        Useless device.

        If course, if you open Kaiterra app then you can see numerical values of PM2.5, VOC, AIQ besides temperature and humidity.

        Calling the device HOMEKIT compatible is a pure marketing spoof.

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