Aqara Products Coming to Dec 17th

Aqara has announced via their official Twitter account that December 17th will see the official release of their products for the US market. If the promotional image is anything to go by, this will include the US version of the Aqara hub, the US smart plug, contact sensor, temperature/humidity sensor, motion sensor, water leak sensor, and the Aqara Mini Switch.

Aqara has already been ‘officially’ selling their products twice before on, with many of the aforementioned products, however, on both occasions, they sold out very quickly and were seemingly not restocked for whatever reason. The Hub was the device that seemed to be the most in-demand generally.

The company will also be offering a Starter Kit that would include the basics to get your Aqara Smart Home setup running, which includes one of each of the following; Aqara Hub, Smart Plug, Mini Switch, Contact Sensor, Temperature/Humidity Sensor, and Motion Sensor. We presume the Starter Kit will be offered at a slightly lower price than if one were to buy them separately.

Notably absent at present, are the new US wired Aqara switches, which we’re told are still in beta testing, but hopefully will see the light of day early next year. These switches will be available in both ‘neutral’ and ‘no-neutral’ options, with one and two-button versions of each.

Until next week, you can check out our video review of the US Aqara Smart plug to get an idea of what to expect;

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