Vocolinc VP3 EU Smart Plug Now Available

As a follow up to the recently released Vocolinc VP2, a four outlet smart power strip for the EU, the company have now released the VP3, the EU version of their highly successful US outlet, the SmartBar. The smart plug is currently listed on, although it should also be available at other Euro Amazon sites soon.

The new VP3 features energy monitoring, suitable for those that like to watch electricity usage. It has built-in overload protection, is capable of a maximum of 2300W, and also features ‘on-device’ scheduling. This last feature allows the device to stick to scheduled on/off times that are stored on the device, so if for any reason the plug is disconnected from the network, these schedules will still run.

Vocolinc already has an EU compatible plug in the PM5, which also features two USB ports, although the plug is noticeably larger than the new VP3. As with nearly all Vocolinc products, the VP3 is HomeKit compatible out of the box, as well as working with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, using wifi connectivity.

At present, the VP3 is available for the low price of just €24.99 for a single smart plug, or as a 2-pack at only €45.99, bringing the price to just €23.00 per plug.

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