Terncy Smart Dial Now Works With Sonos Speakers

Shanghai-based Terncy announced back in October plans to release the Terncy Smart Dial, which is essentially a smart button with a rotary dial. Whilst it does boast the ability to control devices via its rotary dial, this functionality is currently limited to being programmed within Terncy’s own HomeKit app, although it also acts as a regular push-button too, which can be programmed via the Apple Home app or any 3rd party HomeKit app.

When we first reported on the Smart Dial, there was also mention of it being able to control audio/amplifiers, although at the time there was scant information on how this would or could be achieved. Terncy has now revealed how this particular functionality would work, and essentially it appears that they’ve been working with Sonos to make the Dial compatible with Sonos products. In the company’s own words they state;

Terncy Smart Dial is now compatible with SONOS products. With a simple click and rotation action, the Terncy Smart Dial can toggle the playing state and adjust the volume in an extremely convenient way.

As Terncy is HomeKit compatible, and Sonos is compatible with Airplay 2, which in turn means it’s also exposed to HomeKit, automations involving the two could be quite interesting and would inevitably lead to lots of clever results if users in the HomeKit community at large are anything to go by. We’ll hopefully be testing out the new Smart Dial at some point soon, so keep an eye out for a future review.

You can read more about the Terncy Smart dial HERE.

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