Aqara US Switches Confirmed for Q1 2020

With the recent launch of the Aqara line of smart home products on for US consumers, there has inevitably been a lot more interest in many of these devices, despite the fact a lot of them have actually been around for nearly 18 months – if, of course, you were brave enough to buy the Chinese hub and associated devices when they first came out. Although the choice of devices available on isn’t as complete as it could be, most of the basics are there.

However, one of the newest devices of major interest to both Aqara aficionados and newcomers alike are the US wall switches. These come in single and double button varieties and are also available with and without a neutral wire. These will be the few devices that offer such an option, with Lutron being the only other major provider of a ‘no-neutral-wire-required’ solution being Lutron.

Aqara confirmed via the Aqara sub on Reddit earlier, that these switches, along with the water leak sensor, will be the next devices to debut on their Amazon store. Although a specific date wasn’t given, their spokesperson stated Q1 of 2020 as a timeframe. Beta testing of these new US switches has likely been ongoing, but it’s quite possible they’ll see a release sooner than later.

There’s currently no word on pricing, but it’s already evident that Aqara are keen to keep costs competitive. Hopefully we’ll be reviewing these new switches at some point soon.

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