New HomeKit Compatible Smart Camera from LifeSmart?

LifeSmart’s presence in the West hasn’t been what maybe it could be, and with the introduction of Aqara and Mijia devices becoming more commonplace, thanks to the final launch of the Aqara hub in the US and Europe, it would appear LifeSmart finally want to get in on the game too. And so they have, with official HomeKit certification for their hubs (and by extension, many of their hub-dependent devices) earlier this year, bringing a ton of new devices to the table.

One device that is missing from the HomeKit lineup so far would be a camera. Although the company do make a few different models, none so far are HomeKit compatible. The potential good news is that they may well be on the way to introducing such a device, as the company announced earlier via their Twitter account that a new camera was coming soon. Now before we go too far down the road, this camera has not been officially announced as HomeKit compatible as such, but when we put the obvious question to LifeSmart (via Twitter) regarding the camera and HomeKit, the cryptic reply was “Preparing, stay tuned’. Take that any way you want, but it’s fair to say the company could easily have just said ‘not compatible’ or something along similar lines.

We suspect that assuming the company make an appearance at CES 2020, this camera and the forthcoming Cololight Pro, along with all of their newly HomeKit-enabled devices, will be shown at their booth. As if there’s not already going to be enough to report on…

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