Keymitt introduce the ‘Push’ for HomeKit

Keymitt, known for their forthcoming Smart Door Lock, are already setting their sights on a new device, which has surfaced on their website. The new product simply called the Keymitt ‘Push’ is essentially a robotic button pusher, similar in function to another device called the SwitchBot.

The main difference between the two, however, is that the SwitchBot only works with Siri Shortcuts, and even then only via their own hub, whilst Keymitt have confirmed to us that the Push is fully HomeKit compatible, although it still requires the company’s Wifi hub. The hub also works with their door lock, so if you plan on getting the lock and hub, you’re already covered.

The company originally announced the ‘Push’ back in December in a newsletter to their backers, but it looks as though the company are planning to make it available for sale at the end of January to coincide with the release of the smart lock.

As for the device itself, it uses Bluetooth to communicate with the hub and acts as a button to physically turn things on or off that have a button. So, if you’ve got anything that works by being pressed, you can make it smarter with this device. As it’s exposed to HomeKit, we’re guessing it’s exposed as a button, as unlike on/off switches, they’re not required to provide a response in terms of whether a device is actually on or off. So think of it as something like a remote version of the Eve button, for example, but with a robotic finger doing the job for you with something that may not be smart! The button has approximately 1.6kgf of torque, so it’s ideal for most regular devices, like coffee machines, dishwashers, alarm clocks or even dumb light switches.

The company are offering a preorder price of €48.99 (down from €55.00) plus tax and shipping. More info can be found on the company’s website –

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