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Nanoleaf Announce Hexagons Unified Light Panels for CES 2020

It seems that sometimes, technology takes a while to get right, and this may well seem to be the case for Nanoleaf, as they announce their latest offering, the Unified Hexagons. These were actually announced at last year’s CES, although to be fair there wasn’t much on display regarding these devices at the time.

AS you can probably gather, these are six-sided tiles, with the Canvas being square, and the Aurora being triangular. It does seem that with these new promotional images, and a new pre-CES announcement this time around, the company are readying themselves for the official launch this time. As with the company’s last product, the Canvas, these new tiles will be touch-sensitive, so they can be used to trigger scenes and automations, as if they were HomeKit buttons.

In addition to the Hexagonal lighting tiles, Nanoleaf plans a whole range of devices to complement their existing products. with the Nanoleaf Learning Series; an all-in-one intelligent lighting system for your home. The latest innovation from the company creates a fully integrated lighting system for any user. The new offering intuitively learns, senses and reacts to users needs – simplifying the smart home, minimizing any need for adjustments and manual controls (such as voice commands, app controls and scheduling) to go beyond simply a ‘connected’ home to one that is truly smart.

Building off the success of Nanoleaf’s best selling interactive modular light panels, the Learning Series includes a system of products that complement and work in harmony with one another to make home lighting smarter every day. The core of what makes Nanoleaf’s Learning Series work is Nanoleaf’s U-IQTM Technology. Uniquely engineered by combining a network of sensors and a proprietary intelligent learning algorithm, U-IQTM Technology enables the system to learn from your behaviour and give you the right light, when you need it, and exactly how you want it.

Aside from these products, Nanoleaf will be demoing their Screen Mirror feature, announced back in October of last year, which the company states “…creates the most immersive entertainment experience yet. With Screen Mirror, your on-screen activity is reflected onto your lights, transporting you right into the scene.”

This feature which only works with your computer (MacOS and Windows) via the company’s own desktop app, however, and as such is similar to how the Philips Hue Sync app worked before Hue released their Hue Sync box.

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