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Netatmo Introduce HomeKit Ventilation System

Despite there being no sign of the Netatmo Video Doorbell from last year’s CES, this hasn’t stopped the company from making announcements for new products, including one that we posted about earlier today – the Netatmo Smart Lock. In addition to this new product, the company has now unveiled the Aldes EasyHOME smart ventilation system.

This new ventilation setup integrates with your existing Legrand Hom system, which allows you to “…include CMEV* into personalized smart home scenarios or custom actions schedules, and remotely control it from anywhere.”

The solution includes an Aldes connected self-balanced exhaust fan with three ColorLINE® discreet ventilation grilles, and a Legrand ‘Céliane with Netatmo’ CMEV wireless switch that can be screwed into an existing wall recess or stuck by double-sided adhesive strip, and repositioned anywhere in the home.

The company claims the Aldes EasyHOME® with Netatmo is easy to set up, and even suitable for retrofitted homes, with the connected exhaust fan able to replace an existing non-connected unit quite easily.

Whilst this is probably most suited to kitchens and bathrooms, it can be used almost anywhere to ventilate rooms using triggers, automations, timers or Siri. It would appear that this system only works with Apple HomeKit at this time however, as there’s no mention of Amazon Alexa or Google Nest integration.

More info can be found on the company’s website – netatmo.com

Credit to Daniel Feodoroff for spotting this.

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One thought on “Netatmo Introduce HomeKit Ventilation System

  • “Despite there being no sign of the Netatmo Video Doorbell from last year’s CES…”

    Common liars who do not want to apologize!

    Doorbell was promised for release in the fall of 2019. Then they removed the “fall” from the site. They answered my appeal – “we did not promise anything like that!”.

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