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Details of New Vocolinc Humidifier Surface Ahead of CES Launch

All indications seem to show that Shenzen-based Vocolinc are certainly not resting on their laurels in 2020, with details of their new VAP 1 Air Purifier surfacing just a few days before. Now, full images of yet another new device in the form of the Vocolinc VH1 Smart Humidifier have surfaced.

Billed as a Smart Humidifier, which is what we suspected when we originally posted images that only revealed portions of the device. Whilst the company already make the popular Flowerbud Smart Diffuser, that can also humidify your room, the water tank could only hold 300ml/0.63pt. of water. The new humidifier seems to be more dedicated to the one job of adding humidity to your room, with an obviously larger tank.

Like the Flowerbud, the Humidifier looks like it also has a built-in colour light, labelled a ‘mood light’ by the company. As we’re only going on the images we’ve retrieved, we can’t be totally certain of many of the functions with the device, but it would appear from the details, the front has a possible touch-sensitive button, along with three LEDs that we’re guessing indicate the strength of the mist being released. Speaking of mist, you can clearly see an outlet at the top of the device in the shape of a dewdrop, which we mentioned in the previous article.

Putting these points together with what we also know about the Flowerbud, we suggest that this will most certainly be HomeKit compatible, as well as work with Amazon Alexa and Google Nest. As it has a night light, this would probably appear in the Home app as a separate tile, so just like the Flowerbud, you’d get at least two tiles – one for the mood light and one for the humidifier. Whether we also get a separate tile for the relative humidity is another thing, as the Flowerbud’s humidity readout was only visible via the settings section in the Home app, although you can set automations using the humidity levels from the Flowerbud in apps like Eve for HomeKit.

Hopefully, we’ll know more about this device soon, with more detailed technical spec and will update the article as we find more information.

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