News Roundup

HomeKit News Special Roundup (30 Dec 19 – 12 Jan 20)

We didn’t do our usual ‘Roundup’ the week before, due to the paucity of news and reviews to collate, but with the torrent of announcements at CES 2020, we’ve created a ‘Special’ bumper News Roundup, that includes all the news you may have missed from CES, as well as regular news we didn’t pull together in the week Dec 30 – Jan 5. Enjoy (or maybe Endure…?)


More Details of Onvis Camera Surface Prior to CES Launch

Eufy Issue HomeKit Update for EufyCam 2C

Keymitt introduce the ‘Push’ for HomeKit

Ikea Finally issue HomeKit Update to Their Fytur Smart Blinds

More Details Emerge for the Vocolinc VAP1 Air Purifier

CES 2020


Mi Smart Gateway (review)


Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch


What is HomeKit Secure Video?

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