Aqara App Update Reveals More HomeKit Devices

A recent update to the Aqara app (v1.7.1) seems to have (perhaps inadvertently) revealed a whole raft of Aqara devices currently not available but shown in the accessory section of the app. First noticed and mentioned by Reddit user u/faberthemaster on the r/Aqara sub, these devices are only revealed when you set the app to HomeKit mode (signed out), and using an iOS device – the Android version doesn’t have HomeKit mode, for obvious reasons.

Some of the devices are already known to many that follow Aqara’s progress, specifically with regards to HomeKit integration and compatible products, like the T1 version of the already available sensors, which we understand will be Zigbee compatible

  • T1 Temperature/Humidity Sensor
  • T1 Motion Sensor
  • T1 Door/Window Sensor
  • T1 Water Leak Sensor

The newer addition is Aqara’s take on the recently released Mi Light Sensor (read our review HERE), simply called the Light Detection Sensor. This will, we assume, look almost identical to the Mi version, given that both products are made by Aqara’s parent company Lumi United.

Next up, we can see the well known Aqara Hub, but alongside it, we see what appears to be an identical device labelled the Hub M1S. This designation falls into line with the long-awaited Hub M2 (also listed), although we don’t as of yet know what the difference between the current hub and the M1S is as such. What we do know is that it’s HomeKit compatible, as when you try to add the device in the app, you’re requested to scan the relevant HomeKit code.

Below that seems to be an update to the company’s Air Conditioning Controller, listed here as the P3. Once again, this is also HomeKit compatible. Below that, for the first time, we see the equally long-awaited Smart Camera G2H.

Finally, we have two new door locks – the Door Lock HL and the Door Lock DQ1. Aqara recently introduced the Aqara Door Lock N100, although it was only officially released in China. The company also have a listing for an Aqara Smart Door Lock N200 in the Mi Home app. These two new locks look quite similar to the N100, so it’s entirely possible these two locks are destined to be international versions of the N100 and N200 (the N200 isn’t available as of yet). The last of the new devices listed are an S version of the current B1 Curtain Controller – the B1S. There’s also a C2 version of this device, along with a T1 version of the Roller Shade Controller.

There are further devices listed, including a couple of thermostats, a VRF AC controller, as well as two Constant Current Drivers, which have already appeared in the Mi Home app. These are compatible with the current Aqara hub, which means they use Zigbee for communication but doesn’t specifically show if they’re HomeKit compatible as such.

If nothing else, this shows that Aqara are determined to forge a separate identity for itself, away from Xiaomi and its Mi Home system, which all started with the Aqara app. Hopefully, more details of these new devices will be released later on for those hungry for new Aqara/HomeKit products.

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