Netatmo Add ‘Open Window’ Detection to Smart Valves

French smart home company Netatmo has added new functionality to their smart radiator valves to help reduce heating costs. Their radiator valves now include an ‘open window detection’ function that detects when a window has been opened, and automatically either adjust the temperature or completely turns the radiator off with the smart valve. This is all achieved without the need for a separate door/window sensor, whereby the change in temperature is identified via its built-in sensors and identified with an algorithm that recognises the signature change that can be attributed to a window opening. This automation also notifies the user via the Netatmo Energy app.

Once the window is closed, the Smart Radiator Valve will then turn back on or will turn back on automatically, 30 minutes after detecting the window had been open originally. All these settings are customisable within the Netatmo Energy app, so you don’t have to have the radiators turn off at all when the window is open if you prefer.

The greatest part is that it’s a totally free function, as it should be, so no subscription charges or fees are required. A similar option is offered by Tado, who offer an ‘open window detection’ function for their Smart AC Control devices.

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