Yeelight Staria Lamp and More Now Available on Amazon

Last year, Yeelight made themselves the darlings of the HomeKit community in some ways, when they added HomeKit support for four of their legacy products. They also delivered the updates on time too (how often does that happen?). Since then, the Chinese lighting company have gone full steam ahead, with a range of desk, floor, and ceiling lamps, all with HomeKit support baked in, further cementing their reputation as one of only two companies that are part of the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem, that are adding HomeKit functionality to many of their products going forward.

Now, with the international release of their Staria Table Lamp (read our review HERE), the company have started to sell a selection of their products on Amazon, for all to buy.

This includes Tunable White Smart Bulb, and the Full Colour Smart Bulb, as well as their version of a Smart LED Filament bulb. Yeelight are also making their popular Light Strip Plus available, along with the aforementioned Staria Table Lamp, in both the Pro and Standard versions. Better still, they’re even selling the seldom seen floor lamp version of the Staria lamp, although it’s not cheap, coming in at just under U$150.

The company also list a few other products you can buy, including a Qi Charging pad with detachable night light, although this and the other products aside from the ones already mentioned, are not currently HomeKit compatible. However, they are compatible with Siri Shortcuts.

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