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Netatmo Welcome and Homekit Secure Video

After announcing their intention to support the Apple HomeKit secure video framework earlier this year, Netatmo recently released its Apple HomeKit Secure video support without even a whisper as customers Welcome cameras silently updated to the newest firmware sometime in the last few days.

Unlike the Logitech Circle 2 which launched beta software which supports HSV (HomeKit secure video) a couple of weeks ago, the Netatmo Welcome camera doesn’t appear to be a beta software launch. As well, in contrast to the Logitec Circle 2 HSV video experience, it seems that Netatmo has left us with the ability to still live in both worlds. You can use the Apple Home app to see your video clips stored in iCloud using the HSV support, and you can still continue to use your existing Netatmo Security app on your iOS devices which gives you additional features such as facial recognition and the ability to tie into other Netatmo devices.

I’ve turned on the HKSV recording features and I’m happy to say that it seems to be a much more stable release than what I’ve seen from the Logitech beta app, which is not a big surprise as Logitech CLEARLY marked the Circle2 HKSV firmware with a BETA tag and multiple checkboxes to approve was required before uploading the new firmware.

The Netatmo Welcome Camera has always been one of my favorite indoor cameras with its facial recognition and local storage it’s long met my standards for secure video in the house. The addition of Apple Homekit support last year and the continued delivery of new features like Homekit Secure video really makes me feel like Netatmo is a company that I can trust in the future to do the right thing. What do you guys think?

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