Updated Aqara D1 Switches Due Early March

A representative from Aqara has announced via the Aqara sub on Reddit, that updated models to their current single and double wired rocker switches will be released soon. The new models, with the D1 suffix, will for the first time feature a triple rocker model, in addition to the single and double rocker switches. The new switches will be available in Mainland China on March 3rd, with stock presumably appearing via international resellers (AliExpress, GearBest etc) soon after.

Aqara’s own forum states that the changes from the current models to the new D1 versions is more cosmetic than functional, with the form factor having slightly more squarer edges, along with the blue LEDs that are currently on the bottom of the rocker switch cases, being relocated to the front, on the switches themselves.

The D1 versions, which are suitable for Chinese and European wall switch recesses, will have options for versions with and without a neutral wire, and although there will be wireless versions of the D1 switches as well, the triple rocker switch will only be available in a wired configuration. As with the current wired rocker switches, the new D1 models will work with both Apple HomeKit, as well as the Mi Home and Aqara Home apps, via the Aqara hub, due to them using Zigbee for communication. The neutral wire options will also be able to act as Zigbee signal repeaters. The no-neutral models will not be able to do this, however.

The T1 versions of these switches are due for release and are designed for the US, both with neutral and no-neutral versions, as well as being in single and double switch configurations. No triple button option is available for these at present. They should, according to Aqara, be available on “really soon!”.

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19 thoughts on “Updated Aqara D1 Switches Due Early March

  • Will this work with the current Aqara Hub
    HomeKit version?

  • I’m confused with the last paragraph “the T1 version of these switches and are designed for the US”. Where are the T1 switches that are 87×87?

    • It doesn’t say the T1 versions are 87×87. The US versions are just part of the same range as the square Aqara switches, but with US dimensions.

  • Does it mean that T1 switches are only of the US type and not going to be the square ones?

    • No, but Aqara have only stated in their post that US T1 switches are due to be released at present.

  • Would love to know if the T1’s will be coming out in 220v, if Aqara can make that style/shape switch, in no neutral form thats suitable for 220v, I will be buying at least 20 of them.

    I love the Aqara build quality, but the square switches wont fit.

    • As another person commented, there is a little confusion over what is T1 and D1 etc. Aqara have stated in their forum post, that the US T1 switches will be available soon, although in the Aqara app the US switches aren’t referred to as T1, but that could change. The switches that are labelled T1 in the Aqara app are for the Chinese market and are therefore going to be 220v by default, and both the single and double rocker switches with T1 are listed as being with no-neutral wire. I’m not sure if they’ll still fit EU recesses though.

  • What is the difference between this and the H1 switches ? It looks purely cosmetic, ie colour only

    • There’s hardly any info on the H1 switches at present, so I can’t tell you what possibly differences there are l, other than the grey finish. Hopefully Aqara will start releasing more details soon.

  • I read somewhere that the supposedly 110v switches/plugs actually work with 220v as well. But then why would anyone buy a US style switch and needs 220v?

    • They use US style switches and plug sockets in the Philippines, but have a 220-240v system.

    • Australia needs us shape switch but 220v no neutral.

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  • The D1 Aqara Switch Triple rocker DOES NOT work with HomeKit for now. It can be added in Aqara home app but it doesn’t appear in the Homekit app at all.

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