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Automate Your Existing Blinds With Soma Tilt

I have been looking for a good way to automate my existing blinds in HomeKit, without having to replace them. The Soma Tilt allows you to automate and motorize your existing blinds by letting you control the ‘tilt’ mechanism either through bluetooth or through HomeKit (using the Soma Connect).

Soma Website: https://www.somasmarthome.com

2 thoughts on “Automate Your Existing Blinds With Soma Tilt

  • I bought two of these and have to say the product is not ready yet. I’ve recalibrated motors many times but still having problem where shades are not synced between each others. Also “no response” message seems to as a normal.
    Hope they’re updating software soon.

    • Thanks for the heads up. As you say, they’ll hopefully address this soon, given it’s a new product.

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