Aqara Smart Plug Suitable For UK, Spotted in Malaysian Store?

Off the back of the news that the UK version of the Aqara hub does in fact exist, Facebook user WK Soo posted a couple of photos they had taken at their local electronics store in Malaysia (we’re not sure of the city). One photo shows the Aqara Hub with the Type G pins on the back, which as we know is also the plug type used in the UK. However, it was another pic uploaded that really caught our attention, as it appears to show a Type G version of the Aqara plug as well.

Given that the display and stock only feature Aqara products, it’s fair to assume this can be nothing other than an Aqara plug, although we haven’t been able to confirm this with absolute certainty. The plug’s overall shape also matches the US Aqara smart plug, which further pushes the possibility that this is indeed an Aqara product and not some random device added to the display.

WK Soo, also stated that stores selling Aqara hubs with the type G pins have actually been available since December of 2019, so it looks like the UK, whilst still awaiting their hubs, will eventually be able to buy them.

Thanks to WK Soo for the images and the tip-off.

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