New Vocolinc Door and Window Contact Sensor Coming Soon

Whilst news of the forthcoming Vocolinc PureFlow Air Purifier (VAP1) is garnering much attention, the company are also on the verge of releasing yet another new product, although more of a standard type in this instance. The VS1, a door and window contact sensor, will be Vocolinc’s first foray into the area of ‘smart sensors’, previously focusing its efforts on smart lighting and smart plugs, with the exception being the Flowerbud Smart diffuser (read our review HERE).

The VS1 will reportedly be part of a larger suite of devices that all utilise Bluetooth 5.0 for communication, which is another first* for the company, who have until now, used WiFi for their devices. Other, as of yet unconfirmed devices would potentially include the usual array of sensors including a motion sensor, water leak sensor, temperature/humidity sensor and more.

Although many people aren’t fans of Bluetooth in smart home devices, with the usual criticism being slow response times, and limited range, Bluetooth 5.0 has at least done a lot to mitigate the issues. Still, if you’re concerned about too many wifi devices taking up bandwidth, Bluetooth offers not only this fix but will also keep working even when you suffer wifi network issues.

The VS1 will use a standard CR2032 coin-type battery, with an estimated life of 6 months life before replacement is required. No word on pricing and availability as of yet, but given Vocolinc’s pricing for previous products, we’re expecting it to be reasonably priced.

* with the exception of their T-Guard Smart Lock.

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