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Vocolinc LS2 LED Light Strip

For those not already familiar with Vocolinc, they are one of the long-standing Homekit committed brands that have aimed to deliver quality products in the budget price range. The LS2 is the latest addition to the Vocolinc family of products.

The Vocolinc LS2 is a wifi-based colour LED strip. The strip is in the mid brightness range coming in at 250lm per meter, or 500 lumens for the initial 2 meter length. For those of us where 2m is just not enough, there is also an extension strip available which can push the length of a single LS2 unit all the way up to 4m of 1000 lumens coloured goodness.

Although the Vocolinc LS2, at first glance, seems very similar to other budget LED strips like those available from Koogeek, iHaper, and Santala. Where the Vocolinc LS2 really separates itself is the additional software features which have been embedded in this light strip.

When controlled through the Vocolinc Linkwise application, the Vocolinc LS2 really opens up with software features such as
– sunrise/sunset scheduling which is currently only available in higher priced LED Strips such as LIFX or Philips Hue.
– time of day scheduling with granular dimming capabilities
– dynamic scenes which allow the LED strip to flow, breath, flicker, or flash between lights.

Most amazing is the price point at which Vocolinc has been able to deliver all of this functionality coming in right in the average of the budget range of Homekit supported LED strips at $39 USD.

After having lived with the Vocolinc LS2 for the last couple of months, it’s quickly become my favourite cost-conscious Homekit LED strip.

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If you’re looking to pick up the Vocolinc LS2 of your own you can find that here.

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