Eufy Indoor Camera is Due For Release April 13th [UPDATE]

UPDATE: The new cameras will be released in May, according to u/HomeKit-authority on Reddit earlier today, with the cameras being priced at US$49.99 for the 2K Eufy indoor Pan and Tilt camera, and US$39.99 for the static Eufy Indoor Cam 2K.

The pan and tilt model offers 360º horizontal and 100º vertical panning, an 8x zoom and 2K resolution camera, night vision and motion tracking. The static indoor cam also has 2K resolution and advanced night vision. No definitive word on HomeKit Secure Video yet, however.

Fresh off the back of the news that the EufyCam 2 and 2C will be getting the long-awaited HomeKit Secure Video update towards the middle to end of the month, it now seems that at least one of the indoor cameras we reported on not too long ago, will be released on April 13th. Although we’ve yet to confirm this via Eufy, the company did have a competition via Facebook, to win one of their new indoor cameras, where the ‘Works with HomeKit’  badge was first spotted.

Reddit user u/beautyinthegeek was one such person to enter the aforementioned competition, although s/he wasn’t one of the lucky ones to win such a camera, with s/he being notified by email. However, the email states that the “…all new eufy security indoor camera will be available on April 13th”, although it would appear that may be for pre-sales.

The company email also goes on to state that discounts will be available for those that entered the competition once they become available. When evidence of these cameras originally surfaced, there were two, although, in the company’s own app, only the pan/tilt camera was listed, so it remains to be seen which of these cameras is being released in the next 10 days or if indeed both will be released, although that doesn’t seem too likely given the tone of the email to the aforementioned user.

No price is mentioned for the camera, and whether it will also be compatible with HSV, but regardless, there’s nothing wrong with more camera choices in HomeKit, although Eufy will be facing possible stiff competition soon, with the proposed release of the Eve Cam in April, and Onvis’ own Camera rumoured to be coming out soon, both of which will support HSV.

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  • Thanks @Simon for the Update and your great work.
    Unfortunately I got the info that the cameras, especially the Pan & Tilt will not be available in EU/Germany until further notice. 🙁
    I desperately want the Pan & Tilt.

    “Eufy Customer Support Engineer – … I am so sorry to say that the eufy Security Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt is planned to be released in the USA only at the moment and we are unable to ship it internationlly at the moment. Sorry for the disappointment….”

    • Hi, thanks for the message. It’s a shame they don’t have plans to sell it outside of the USA. It seems like an odd decision, but of course, you never really know the reasons behind these decisions, and they could be for very good reasons. As long as they can ship from to international locations at some point, that would be something.

  • I have received the 2k indoor unit yesterday… Apple homekit support will be delayed to Mid-July which I didn’t know, the reason why I pre-order it in May because its Apple homekit ready.

    I understand it could be updated with firmware… but… I feel like I am just like one of those kickstarter backer… moreover, there were tons of review on youtube about its homekit ready and able to set it up…

    • It’s disappointing that eufy have released these without HomeKit in place, but HomeKit is coming, and eufy are a big enough company that I can’t see them going back on their word with HomeKit, as they’ve advertised it all along, which could result in legal action. As for the YouTube reviews, the only ones I’ve seen so mention that they’re running a beta of HomeKit functionality only. If you’ve since different, let me know.

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