Danabridge by Danalock Due For HomeKit Compatibility

Danish company Danalock may not be as familiar to US customers, but they’ve been making their HomeKit compatible smart lock for a while now, with Version 3 being the current model. The Danalock V3 comes in four variants – a Bluetooth-only version, a Bluetooth+Zigbee version, a Bluetooth+Z-Wave version, and a HomeKit version. Like many smart lock companies, the company offer a WiFi bridge that allows their locks to communicate with your network, although in Danalock’s case their Danabridge V3 is designed to work with different variations of the Danalock V3.

Unfortunately, the current Danabridge doesn’t work with the HomeKit variant of their lock, which has probably been a disappointment to some of their HomeKit users. The Danalock can still work with HomeKit, and of course, be accessed via a Home Hub (Apple TV+, HomePod etc), as well as controlled via a direct Bluetooth connection between a phone and the lock, but any additional functions have so far eluded this sector of Danalock’s consumer base.

However, we’ve recently heard via one of our readers that an update to the Danabridge could be on the way, which will provide many of the same features that users of the other Danalock variants have been enjoying for a while now. This will not change the basic functionality of the lock within HomeKit, but for those who either don’t have a Home Hub or don’t have one within range of the lock, the addition of the Danabridge will be a welcome addition.

According to the company’s website, the Danabridge offers the following functionality, which we assume users of the HomeKit variant will gain, once the bridge is updated; “Enjoy the added convenience of letting family members, friends and home service providers in – even when you’re not at home. When your Danalock V3 is connected to the Danabridge V3, you will always know when the lock is used – and by whom. Check your lock’s real-time status from anywhere in the 24/7 activity log. The Danabridge V3 is part of the Danalock ecosystem, using an advanced encryption method for transferring data (AES 256)”

It would also appear that the bridge is capable of connecting with up to 2 Danalocks at once, which is also a bonus if you happen to be using more than one Danalock. The bridge itself is quite small and uses a USB plug built directly into the base of, although you can also use the supplied micro USB to USB cable.

There’s no firm date on when the alleged firmware update, but according to our source, he was told by Danalock support that the update would arrive sometime in Q2 of 2020.

Thanks to Henrik Johansson for the information

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9 thoughts on “Danabridge by Danalock Due For HomeKit Compatibility

  • In June 2019, Danalock support told me that this update would be available in August 2019. Don’t hold your breath dear readers, and don’t waste your money on Danalock V3.

    • Thanks for the info Trevor. Curious to know how the lock performs as it stands. Is it a decent lock otherwise?

      • I have been using mine for 5 months. It is rock solid for me. Battery lasts forever and it is one of my fastest responding BT device (I have 60+ devices, loads faster than Eve Room for example).
        There are many complains about the Danalock v3 online but it’s because two reasons:

        – they don’t have a Home Hub in the same room as the Danalock. The Danalock has small BT range and your phone has to be quite close to it to have a direct connection so a Home Hub in the same room is a must. I have an Apple TV 4K 8-10 meters from the Danalock and everything is rock solid.

        – they don’t set it up properly. You have to configure the Danalock to make make as many turns as possible with your lock even if it closes sooner. For example my latch closes after like 1,5 turn but it can do ANOTHER turn after it is closed, so it can do 2,5 turns total. So Danalock has to be configured to do the full 2,5 turns.

        I have NEVER had any issues with Danalock once I have set it up.
        I must add that the reason I went with Danalock is that it looks WAY nicer than other smart locks for the EU market. It is very small and looks very nice and made of aluminium. Not so bulky and obstructive as the Nuki lock. The Nuki has better hardware mainly because of BT 5.0 but if you have a Home Hub (or soon danabridge) not too far from Danalock, you won’t have any issues with BT 4.2.
        I also like that Danalock has the Homekit-only version so their app basically just used for firmware updates. Nuki has way better app than Danalock but I don’t think it really matters for a HomeKit only smart home.

        • I forgot to add that when you operate the lock manually, the turning mechanism of the Danalock is WAY MORE natural for guests than the Nuki’s one. I have never had any guests ask me “what is this thing”, they just simply know how to open it.

      • As it is right now, it sits in a box and is dismantled because it was so unreliable and I had to fumble with it to get OUT of my tiny flat. I’m disabled and really needed a Homekit lock because I have such difficulty with keys. I did persevere with this for several months, now it is junk. For the record, the main problem is the crappy Bluetooth implementation, the lock was regularly offline even tough I have a HomePod within fifteen feet. Still looking for a reliable UK type lock, will try Aqara if they ever get the UK HUB onto the UK market.

        • Thanks Trevor. I haven’t checked the price of the Avia Smart Lock, but is that something that would work with your door?

  • „Unfortunately, the current Danabridge doesn’t work with the HomeKit variant of their lock, which has probably been a disappointment to some of their HomeKit users”

    Unfortunately, the current Danabridge doesn’t work with the HomeKit variant of their lock, which has probably been a disappointment to some of their HomeKit users

  • Twitter support told us year ago that danabridge and keypad will come to HomeKit at end of 2019z that navel happened

    • It’s not happening. The source is a reader who got advised by a support agent. The support teams are going to be the last to know.

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