Ecobee SmartCamera Revealed as Part of ‘Haven’ Home Monitoring Solution

Ecobee today announced their new home monitoring service, dubbed ‘Haven’, which includes automatic monitoring of your home, using a collection of the company’s smart home sensors and devices. Of note here to HomeKit users specifically, is the long-awaited SmartCamera is now revealed as part of that lineup of products.

The new camera features a 180 field of view, with 1080p HD video. It has Alexa built-in. Two-way audio, and night vision. The company also offer 14-day video history which can be purchased as an add-on service to work with the aforementioned Home Monitoring pack.

The company are also touting the camera as privacy centred with an option for the SmartCamera to automatically shut down when you or your family are at home. Additionally, the camera’s speaker has the capability to play white noise to aid in your child’s’ sleep, if used as a baby monitor.

Video processing for the camera is all processed on the device itself, with video encryption and two-factor authentication, which we assume is part of the ‘Haven’ package.

The camera is also designed to work especially well with other Ecobee products, like their Thermostats, and sensors, which also includes their forthcoming door/window sensor.

The camera is for indoor use only and comes with a 10ft/3m power cord. The camera includes a 5-megapixel image sensor, an f/2.2 lens with digital zoom, and recording at 1080p, using H.264 encoding @ 30fps. It also comes with the aforementioned two-way audio, which uses noise cancellation technology, plus two far-field microphones.

Best of all, it can connect to 2.4 or 5.0GHz wifi, and comes with Bluetooth 5.0. For international customers who might be interested, it can use 100-240v @ 50/60Hz and comes with a 3-year warranty. The price of the camera is US$179, with free shipping within N. America.

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