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Is The Aqara Hub The Best HomeKit Accessory Ever?

We review the Aqara Hub from a HomeKit perspective examining its features, uses, and pros and cons.

The Aqara Hub on Amazon: https://amzn.to/36HIBmw

Aqara Smart Starter Kit on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Vaiodt

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If you ever need to reset the Aqara Hub, we’ve got your back! https://youtu.be/qH-W5w0tR44

One thought on “Is The Aqara Hub The Best HomeKit Accessory Ever?

  • Hi Simon, I finally able to get it back on homekit.app with the latest Xiaomi gateway Zigbee wifi BT mesh hub, the Aqara hub is just a night light now lol…

    This is my smart home devices I have so far since I moved in ~1.5 year ago.

    Xiaomi sensor
    Door x3
    Water x5
    Temp x10
    Door Bell(still testing)
    Camera x3(no homekit)


    Nest smoke detector x3(no homekit)

    Apple TV gen3(not the latest one) as homekit hub

    LG smart washer and dryer, I just need the notification from it when its done.

    I am interested to get the new Eufy camera(2k with homekit support) and I really wish this will have HSV… also replace the Xiaomi that I put behind the windows to capture the front and the back of my house, I am too lazy to setup outdoor cameraand I don’t see its worth it.

    I also wanna smart light for bedroom with remote switch, I did not have good experience with LIFX… and Hue… I don’t feel like getting the hub for just few smart lights in bedroom…

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