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More Evidence of HomeKit E-Ink Temperature Sensor Emerges

Late last year we reported on the existence of a Xiaomi Smart Home ecosystem product that was in the process of getting a HomeKit makeover, namely the ClearGrass Temperature and Humidity sensor. It now seems that based on the findings of Pavlo Olepir from the Apple HomeKit Users Group on Facebook, this product will indeed be getting HomeKit functionality.

This is based on a very recent posting to popular website FCC.io that shows test photos of the aforementioned product, including images of the product with a HomeKit code on the rear.

In addition to these images, the product manual includes a page that shows how to connect the device to your HomeKit home.

The new model follows the same design cues as the current non-HomeKit model, with not only the E-Ink display, but the options to have it sat at a desk, with an extendable kickstand, or mounted on a wall with the included magnetic mount. This new model will still utilise Bluetooth but will, of course, come with HomeKit compatibility out of the box.

Whilst there are many temperature and humidity sensors available for HomeKit, there aren’t too many with a display, and certainly not many with the qualities that E-Ink can provide, save for the 2nd gen Eve Room, which also includes a VOC sensor and the iHome iSS50 multi-sensor. If this new HomeKit-enabled version is anywhere near the price of the current model, then it’s bound to be a hit, even if it does use Bluetooth.

Thanks to Pavlo Olepir for the find.

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