Hive Finally Adds Official HomeKit Support

British Gas offshoot Hive, the smart thermostat company, has finally added official HomeKit support, after originally planning to introduce it to their thermostats last year (and probably before that). First spotted by Reddit user, r/azingk and posted to the HomeKit subReddit, the company have added a new FAQs section to their website that goes into details on how to update your Hive thermostats to get HomeKit connectivity, which seems pretty straightforward, with a simple HomeKit option in the Hive app.

It would seem from these FAQs that whilst the company’s smart Thermostat is the main device most of their customers have been waiting for in terms of HomeKit support, the company’s smart bulbs (Hive Lights) and smart plugs (Hive Active Plugs) also get the all-important integration. In order for any of the devices to work with HomeKit, you will need the most recent Hive Hub or Hub 360. The oldest Hive Hub model is not compatible, unfortunately.

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