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Logitech ‘Circle View’ Camera

Apple HomeKit-enabled wired security camera with best-in-class Logitech TrueView video. Secure your home a better way with the Circle View HomeKit-enabled home security camera. Designed with best-in-class Logitech TrueView video, wide 180° field of view, and built-in privacy features to give you and your family total peace of mind, inside and out.

Circle View features our Logitech TrueViewbest-in-class video experience. Capture everything in razor-sharp detail with full HD, 180° diagonal field-of-view glass optics, and more. An ultra-wide 180° field-of-view ensures you keep your eye on what matters without missing what’s happening on the sidelines.

Glass optics and a high-quality sensor with wide dynamic range mean you catch every detail crystal-clear no matter how bright or dark the environment is. Circle View’s infrared powered night vision is optimized for full-field visibility and superior clarity in the dark up to 15 ft (4.6 m) away.

Circle View features a stunning design with premium details, including a metal base, matte finish, and a power cable that blends seamlessly with any space. Power on the camera, add an accessory in the Home app on your supported iPhone® or iPad®, scan the unique setup code, and go. That’s it. Circle View camera can be placed on a shelf or wall-mounted with ease and features a weatherproof body that’s built to withstand the elements.

The only one keeping an eye on your home should be you. That’s why the Circle View camera has both hardware and software privacy features built right in. Plus, the HomeKit Secure Video platform ensures your sensitive video stays encrypted at all times. Need instant privacy at a moment’s notice? Simply tilt the camera down to instantly shield yourself from view. A rear-mounted button immediately cuts off both audio and video, so you’re not left fumbling during private moments. The camera works with Apple HomeKit and supports HomeKit Secure Video for added privacy features, including end-to-end encryption, in-home video analysis, automated recording, and more.


  • Wireless Protocol Support: 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Lens + Camera FOV: Glass lens with 180-degree DFOV
  • Sensor + Video: 16:9 format sensor with up to 1080p HD video recording support
  • Night Vision Support: Infra-red (IR) light-based, automatically triggered based on ambient light sensor in front of camera
  • Night Vision Illumination: 2 IR LEDs that provide illumination in an unobstructed area up to 15 ft away
  • Microphone: Digital MEMS
  • Speaker: Mono

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  • I think Eufy is the way to go, I have pre-ordered the homekit indoor 2k camera. Logitech is asking for way too much.

    I am also very interested to do 2k doorbell, but I would like to have someone run the wire… I don’t wanna charger it…

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