Somfy Outdoor Security Camera Gets HomeKit Update

After what must seem like an eternity for HomeKit users who are also owners of the Somfy Outdoor Camera, the company have finally updated the second of their three cameras to have HomeKit functionality. The only other Somfy camera prior to this update was the equally simply named Somfy Indoor Camera, which has had HomeKit compatibility for a couple of years now.

First reported by German website, the new firmware update can be installed via the latest version of the company’s own Somfy Protect app, which then generates a HomeKit code, allowing the camera to be added and exposed to HomeKit like any other camera.

The camera itself comes complete with full 1080p HD video streaming, a 130º field of vision, a 110dB siren and two-way audio, as well as waterproof protection from the outdoor elements and a motion sensor. Besides the update for HomeKit support, the camera already supports the usual suspects – Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant – as well as IFTTT, so there are certainly a few options, regardless of whether you’re strictly a HomeKit user, or like to mix and match.

This unexpected update couldn’t have come at a busier time for HomeKit camera ‘activity’ given the surfeit of devices coming out, or are due to drop, which includes the HSV updates for the already HomeKit enabled EufyCam 2/2C, the two Eufy indoor Cameras (HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video (HSV) are coming soon), the just-released Logitech Circle View, as well as the soon to be released Eve Cam, Onvis C3 and Aqara G2H, which all come with HSV from the start. Indeed, the update is also a bit unfortunate for Netatmo, who very recently announced an update to their own outdoor camera, which also now includes a siren, although it’s claimed that everything else about the camera is the same as the version without the siren.

The Somfy Outdoor camera is available via the company’s own site, or via amazon stores in the UK and EU.

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