QA Cafe Announces Test Support for Apple HomeKit-enabled Routers

QA Cafe, a leading provider of IP test solutions and capture analysis tools for broadband access, home networks, consumer electronics, and service providers, today announced the release of the CDRouter add-on for Apple HomeKit. CDRouter is a robust suite of automated tests designed to successfully pre-test and accelerate time to market for HomeKit-enabled routers.

With HomeKit-enabled routers, consumers can add more protection and security to their home accessories by controlling which services and devices they can communicate with on the home network or internet. This control is configured through the Apple Home App and provides three levels of connection security; Restrict to Home,  Automatic, or No Restriction.

Ensuring network devices operate as intended before they are deployed, is critical to increasing brand reputation and guaranteeing a high-quality end-user experience. For HomeKit-enabled routers, CDRouter provides automated test cases right out of the box ready for design, deployment, and regression testing. This enables quicker, test-driven development and ensures that developers implement the integration of the HomeKit router profile correctly.

CDRouter is a comprehensive and powerful test automation platform focused on feature, security, and performance testing for broadband and enterprise edge gateways, Wi-Fi and mesh systems, and smart hubs enabling the Internet of Things.  As the industry standard for testing complex networking devices, it is used by hundreds of networking companies worldwide, from chipsets to OEMs to service providers. The CDRouter add-on for HomeKit-enabled routers represents the latest expansion to its comprehensive set of technologies, test cases, and simulation capabilities.

The CDRouter add-on for HomeKit is available now for both existing and new users of the CDRouter automated test solution. For more details about the new add-on, please contact QA Cafe at

About QA Cafe
QA Cafe is a dynamic software company and leading provider of IP testing solutions and packet capture analysis tools for broadband access, home networks, consumer electronics, and enterprise IT.  Its flagship products include CDRouter, providing comprehensive and fully-automated testing for broadband gateways, Wi-Fi access points and mesh systems, consumer VoIP gateways, set-top-boxes, and smart home hubs enabling the Internet of Things. QA Cafe’s CloudShark transforms network and security analysis workflows by providing a secure environment to organize, collaborate and analyze packet captures.

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