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Aqara G2H Gateway Camera

Here’s our video of the Aqara G2H Gateway Camera with Apple HomeKit support for both the camera itself and the built-in Zigbee 3.0 gateway. You can also check out Eric Yao’s written review of this product HERE.

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23 thoughts on “Aqara G2H Gateway Camera

  • Hi Simon,

    One issue i have maybe you can help out.
    I have the motion sensor of the camera set to trigger a light when motion is detected.The thing is once the lights go off camera detects that as motion and triggers it again.Is there a workaround for this?

    Great video btw

    • Hi, I’ll do a test later to see if I can figure out a workaround for the problem, but this is a typical limitation of pixel-based sensors unfortunately, compared to PIR sensors, that use infrared light reflected from objects. Pixel based sensors simply measure changes in the image it sees. I’ll get back to you. Glad you liked the video.

  • Hi Simon,

    I’m interested in buying the curtain rails with motor but I’m wondering if I can get the G2H as a hub to run the whole system or if only the hub has that functionality. Also I’m in Canada would there be any limitations?

    • Hi, the G2H does support both the original Curtain motor, as well as the battery pack version (B1). There are a couple of things to bear in mind though; first of all, the most efficient use of the G2H as a hub is to have it connected to the Chinese Mainland Server within the Aqara app, as the G2H that’s currently available is only designed for this region when it comes to working in the Aqara app, as well as accessing the hub functionality and SD card recordings. So if you don’t want to use the G2H with the Chinese server, it’s still possible to add devices, but it’s not quite as straightforward. The second thing to bear in mind, is that even with devices that are currently certified to work with Apple HomeKit, like both curtain motors, every time a new hub comes along, even if the hub itself is certified, it doesn’t automatically mean devices that can be added to it are also certified. So, while the B1 curtain motor is certified to work with the current Aqara hub, and be exposed to HomeKit, the B1 needs to get recertified, to work with Apple HomeKit when it goes through the G2H or any other hub that comes along. Aqara tend to make sure this is the case with all new hubs, but sometimes there’s a delay in this, meaning a device has yet to be certified. I don’t have the curtain motors, so I don’t know if they have been certified yet, although there’s no reason to doubt it will be certified eventually, if it hasn’t already. I’ll try and find out if both motors are certified via the G2H and get back to you.

      • Hi!

        Just received the camera. I wanna use it in HomeKit only mode. How do I expose the Zigbee hub to HomeKit?


        • Hi, I think I answered your questioning Reddit not long ago, but if that wasn’t you, let me know!

  • Hi, How do I configure the G2H motion sensor as a trigger for the Aqara Hub Security System??

    • They would first have to be on the same server in the Aqara app, which would be the Chinese server, as the G2H only works with that server at present. Then you simply create an automation – IF G2H ‘motion is detected’ THEN Aqara Hub play assigned tone. The G2H also has an alarm built in, so you can probably bypass the Aqara hub if you want anyway, and let the G2H do everything.

  • Hi, thanks for the introduction. I have order one Aqara G2H camera intend to put as in IOS Home App as homekit. May I know if we use it in Homekit, can I set motion detection of G2H and trigger (such as light switch) in IOS Home App?

    • Hello Michael, yes, the motion sensor in the camera has its own tile in the Home app, and can be used in automations just like a separate motion sensor.

      • Thank you very much 🙂

  • BTW, I have one more question more on overall IOS Homekit/Home App, that actually in Aqara camera if you don’t mind to enlighten me. So far, mos to my experience of Automation are in Google and Amazon, very little in IOS Home App / Homekit.

    I was told IOS version of Automation is better than Amazon and Google as it can be “off line” within LAN rather than cloud. Such as, if one motion sensor triggered, then one light is switch one, or even alarm is one, all this process happen within LAN only without any signal out from LAN/home to cloud and come back.

    May I know if this is truth? If yes, can Aqara sensors (such as motion sensor of G2H or actual motion sensor, contact sensor etc) work in IOS Home App / Homekit in this “LAN” away?

    Thank you very much

    • Hi Michael, yes that’s correct. HomeKit works locally, so there’s no need for an outside internet connection as long as your LAN is working. The only time you would need WiFi is for remote access, so when you want to check on your house from another location. Any devices, including sensors by Aqara, can be used locally without an internet connection, as long as automations and triggers are created in HomeKit. If you create an automation in the Aqara or Mi Home apps, you do need a WiFi connection.

      • Thanks again. Sorry for poor english and some typo error in my previous comment. 🙂

        • Don’t worry, I understood you fine.

  • Hi!
    If I connect other Aqara products to this camera as a hub, will I be able to control them and see their status remotely when I am not at home through the iOS Home App? Or will I have to control them through another app and only when I am at home?

    • As long as the Aqara devices you connect to the hub are HomeKit compatible and you have a home hub (Apple TV, HomePod etc) along with Remote Access set up, you will be able to access them remotely. One note, however; some devices still need to be re-certified by Apple to be exposed to HomeKit via the G2H, so not everything that works via the Aqara hub will be exposed to HomeKit at present. Sensors seem to be fine, but some wireless switches are not working properly in HomeKit at present when sent through the G2H.

  • Thanks a lot for answering!
    I just ordered one Camera 🙂
    The re-certification by Apple you are taking about will be through some firmware updates for the existing devices? or do I have to wait for Aqara to launch new versions of their devices in order to use them with Apple Home?

    I’ve just subscribed to your YouTube channel too. I didn’t know it until know and I’m liking all your videos.

    • I think the updates will only be via the G2H to make existing child devices show up correctly in HomeKit. Current devices should work fine with The G2H, so you shouldn’t need new ones.

    • Ps, thanks for subscribing to the YouTube channel.

      • Thanks to you for your help and your work bringing us content about HomeKit 🙂

        • You’re welcome. I’ll always do my best for HomeKit.

  • Hello Sir
    Thanks for your review. I have G2H camera, installed in Aqara Home and Homekit. I am trying to get this done if possible:

    1. Setup a G2H camera and respective (Done)
    2. Setup trigger based area (Done)
    3. When triggered, obtained an JPG (send to email, get it from URL etc) from the camera (stuck, not et complete).

    Need you brief suggestion if No. 3 above is “do-able”? FYI, I am famiilar with Node Red and Homebridge.

    Thank you

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