Yeelight Bluetooth Mesh Gateway, Bulbs Now on Amazon

over a year has passed since Yeelight announced their HomeKit compatible Bluetooth Mesh Gateway, and whilst it has been available in China for a while now, it didn’t appear for purchase on any of the usual international reseller stores, until very recently. Now the gateway has surfaced on for just under US$33.00, along with two of the three current bulbs that also work with the hub.

If you’re unfamiliar with this device, in simple terms, it is a hub for Yeelight Bluetooth and Bluetooth mesh lighting products to connect to one another, as well as get them exposed to HomeKit. Bluetooth mesh, for want of a better description, is the Bluetooth version of Zigbee, whereupon the Bluetooth network is spread like a net, to constantly expand the Bluetooth network as you add more devices. This helps alleviate the issue with Bluetooth having a rather limited range.

It also has the added benefit of not clogging up your wifi network, as only the hub itself uses a WiFi connection, and in fact, also comes with an ethernet port for a stable wired connection to the network. The hub is capable of supporting up to 100 devices, which not only includes the Yeelight’s Bluetooth mesh bulbs it’s designed for, but also regular Bluetooth devices from Mijia, like the E-ink temperature sensors, for example.

Currently, Yeelight has three Bluetooth Mesh bulbs as part of the M2 collection, along with a series of Bluetooth Mesh bulbs released prior to the launch of the gateway. The M2 series, which consists of an E27 bulb, a downlight, and a spotlight, are all capable of warm to cool whites. However, it should be noted that whilst the hub, along with the downlight and spotlight are available on, these products don’t appear to be sold via the official Yeelight store. *Furthermore, if you’re in the US, even though the gateway can work with 110-240v, the bulbs are listed as only being able to work with 220-240v, so will not work. It may be that these bulb work with both 110-120v and 220-240v, but I’m awaiting clarification on this from Yeelight, so it’s not advisable to buy at this time unless you’re from the EU, or a region that supports 220-240v of course!

*Update: Yeelight has confirmed that the current series of bulbs that work with the Yeelight Bluetooth Mesh Gateway are only available in 220-240v variants, with no 110-120v versions available at this time.

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10 thoughts on “Yeelight Bluetooth Mesh Gateway, Bulbs Now on Amazon

  • I don’t see they have M27 and I would like to get it since it has a hub so each light should be cheaper.

    • The E27 bulbs aren’t on amazon at present, but they are listed on AliExpress. However, I’m still waiting for clarification on whether any of these bulbs will work with 110-120v, which so far doesn’t seem to be the case. These bulbs are quite low in terms of lumens, but they’re designed to work in groups, so that’s something to think about.

  • With the “Bluetooth” component of the hub, would this be something that can be replaced by the aqara M1S (which supposedly has Bluetooth), the M2 or even the Xiaomi v3 multifunctional gateway?

    • The Mi Smart Gateway does have both Bluetooth and Bluetooth mesh functionality, which means the Yeelight bulbs can be added to the hub, but they aren’t exposed to HomeKit, whereas the Yeelight hub exposes these bulbs to HomeKit, so if HomeKit is the thing you require, the Yeelight hub is the one to get.

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  • Can this hub add Yeelight YLDL01YL Meteorite to the Homekit?

    • I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. Even though the Meteorite has Bluetooth 4.2, I’m led to believe that Bluetooth is only used for the remote control aspect of the light, which uses WiFi as it’s main connection. It might be better to double check with Yeelight though.

      • I contacted them from the official website.
        Yeelight’s response:

        The mesh gateway cannot used to connect YLDL01YL to HomeKit.
        In fact, the hardware of YLDL01YL doesn’t support HomeKit.

  • The HUB only work as a repeater/mesh HUB with BT products from Yeelight/Mijia correct? Will not work with Osram Smart+ for example?

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