Bosch Smart Home System HomeKit Integration Close to Release

As reported by earlier today, Bosch is close to releasing the required update to their own smart home system, that will allow it to integrate into HomeKit, thereby exposing many of their current smart devices to Apple’s smart home ecosystem.

The forthcoming update, designed for the company’s Smart Home Controller (v9.18.1628) should be released in the next few days, alongside a corresponding update to the Bosch app (v9.18).

These updates will then allow a series of devices from Bosch to appear in HomeKit, which includes Smart Roller Shutter controls, Lighting controls, Radiator thermostats, smart plugs, contact sensors, Smoke sensors, and motion sensors, although there could be even more at a later date that will be added to the list. This will also depend on what devices have been separately certified to work with HomeKit, even though they’re designed to work centrally through the company’s hub.

The company currently sell the starter pack on for €223.23, which gives you the hub, a contact senor, smoke alarm and motion sensor, but you can also purchase the starter pack + a Philips Hue starter pack, which includes the Hue Bridge, two colour bulbs, and Hue Smart Button for only €340.99.

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